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Town Hall Broadmeadows: A bright vision for the future

Town Hall Broadmeadows has been a fixture in the landscape of Melbourne's north for more than half a century. In 2019, the venue is undergoing a multimillion makeover that will see it enter a new and exciting chapter as its transformed into a contemporary space for weddings, corporate, private and community events. 

A charming venue steeped in history

It was November 1964. The Beatles had just swept through Melbourne on their world tour, Dawn Fraser had won Olympic gold in the 100-metre freestyle for the third time in Tokyo, and Ron Barassi had captained Melbourne just weeks before to a thrilling Grand Final win over Collingwood.  In Melbourne’s northern outskirts, the burgeoning suburb of Broadmeadows was  facing unprecedented growth, as baby boomers chased the dream of a new home in the aftermath of the Second World War. 

In the 20 years prior, more than 15,000 people had moved into the suburb - most spurred on  by the promise of a spacious precast concrete house on a large block, where they could raise a young family.  To meet that growth, the former City of Broadmeadows embarked on an ambitious Town Hall development.  

Built at a cost of £450,000 - or approximately $6.2 million in today’s money - the Town Hall was one of the largest buildings of its type in Victoria at the time, heralding an exciting future for Melbourne’s north. Immigrants from England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Hungary, Sweden and Poland joined forces with Australian workers to construct the building over a period of 14 months. More than 645,000 bricks, 2,220 tonnes of concrete and 300 tonnes of steel were used to develop the new building. 

When former Opposition Leader Arthur Calwell officially opened the new venue to much fanfare, he described it as a magnificent hall that had no equal in Melbourne.  It was front page news across Melbourne’s newspapers, and those who had the courage and foresight to embark on the project were recognised and congratulated. 

Over the next 50 years the Town Hall grew into an iconic landmark for the community. From weddings and debutante balls, gala dinners, cocktail parties, school dances, concerts, parties and an AC/DC gig – you name it, the Town Hall has seen it. 

Those events marked the milestones that still hold a special place in the hearts of many. 

We’ve honoured the building’s unique history by restoring key architectural design features while transforming our interior to provide a vibrant and contemporary space for today.  The venue's grand façade, iconic red brickwork, floor-to-ceiling windows and mountain grey gum floors have been painstakingly restored by hand. 

Your special event experts

Town Hall Broadmeadows is committed to excellence both as a stunning event space and in the services we provide. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, the entire Town Hall Broadmeadows team is here to serve you. For any special requests you might have, we’ve got the skills and connections around Melbourne to make them happen.  

 A commitment to customer service excellence

With more than 30 years’ experience working across the hospitality and event industries, our team takes great pride in delivering an exceptional standard of service each and every time. Our passion for what we do means we’ll go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience that’s seamless, personable and tailored to meet your needs.

Town Hall Broadmeadows management

Town Hall Broadmeadows is owned and operated by Hume City Council. Construction of the $23 million redevelopment is currently underway and scheduled for completion in  Spring 2019. The Town Hall project is being funded with a $16.2 million injection from Hume City Council and a $7 million contribution from the Victorian Government.

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